How to plant flowers in a window box?

What are the best flowers to plant in window boxes?

Petunias, geraniums, zinnias, nasturtiums, and begonias are good choices for main-theme flowers. Fill in with things like wandering jew, ivy, euonymus, heather, or vinca, which will cascade over the edge of the box. Impatiens do well in shady locations. More subtle choices include coleus, heliotrope, and salvia.

What do you put in the bottom of a window box?

Flower or window box liners are plastic trays or sheets of coconut fiber material used to line the bottom of flower or window boxes and planters before potting plants with soil inside. There are so many reasons to use liners, especially in places where the weather conditions are in the extremes.

How many plants should be in a window box?

Traditional planting is when you allow enough room between plants that the planter looks full after 2 to 3 weeks of additional growth. Generally I would use 3 or maybe 4 plants in 10 or 12-inch planters, 4 to 6 plants in a 14 to 16-inch planter and Six to 8 plants in an 16 to 20-inch planter and so on.

How often do I water window boxes?

Frequent watering is the most important part of caring for plants in window boxes. As with most containers, window boxes will need to be watered at least once a day. To help with this, consider an automatic watering system or put your boxes under windows that open so you can water them without leaving the house.

Are window boxes bad for your house?

The first place to look for damage is the window box itself. Boxes made of wood will eventually deteriorate and rot. … Other window box materials such as painted metal or plastic will not deteriorate, but they can still drain water onto the wall below or trap moisture on the wall behind.

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Should I line my planter box with plastic?

Line your planter boxes porous landscape fabric. … You can also use plastic to line your pots—a preferred method for planters used indoors—but make sure you punch holes through the plastic at the drainage hole locations.

Is it bad to water plants at night?

Why It Is Bad to Water Plants at Night

Watering at night is not the best for your plants’ leaves or overall health. … After a night time soak, leaves can stay wet for a pretty long time since they don’t have the day’s sun to dry them off. Because of this, damp leaves become extra vulnerable to fungal development.

How deep should a window flower box be?

8 inches

Why are terracotta pots bad?

Disadvantages to clay pots:

Without a self-watering planter, it’s more challenging to prevent root rot, under-watering and over-watering. Plants require more frequent watering. Clay is prone to cracks from freeze and thaw cycles. Broken clay can produce sharp edges that aren’t safe around children or the public.

What grows well in window boxes?

Types of plants that are perfect for window boxes:

  • Strawberries.
  • Radishes.
  • Leaf lettuce.
  • Spinach.
  • Green onions.
  • Aloe.
  • Herbs (parsley, sage, oregano, thyme, chives and basil)

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What flowers can withstand full sun?

Annual Flowers That Do Well in Direct Sun

  • petunia.
  • ageratum.
  • salvia.
  • moss rose.
  • sunflower.
  • zinnia.
  • marigold.
  • geranium.

How do you keep a window box from falling down?

To stop your window boxes falling off, always make sure they’re secured. Metal brackets bolted to the wall can extend your windowsills, as well as help to secure the containers. You could also screw eyelets into the wall each side of the window box, then tie in the window box with some strong wire.

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How do you water a window box when away?

Try a wine bottle.

If you have just a few outdoor containers, you may want to opt for Plant Nanny Wine Bottle Stakes. Simply screw a wine bottle filled with water to the stake, then insert the stake into your potted plant. The water will release slowly and steadily while you’re away.

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