How to make small tissue paper pom poms?

How do you make small tissue paper pom poms?

How to Make Mini Tissue Paper Poms

  1. Fold and cut one sheet of tissue paper into sixths.
  2. Cut the strips into 3″ish sections. …
  3. You’ll have seven stacks, each with six pieces of tissue paper. …
  4. Take one stack and fold it accordion style in tiny sections.
  5. Cut off any leftovers.
  6. Knot a piece of string snugly around the center and snip off the excess.

How do you make small tissue flowers?


  1. Count out 5 pieces of tissue paper, lay them in a stack and cut down the center lengthwise. …
  2. Accordion fold your tissue paper leaving each pleat approximately 1 inch in width. …
  3. Tie a piece of twine or string around the center of the flower. …
  4. Cut the ends of your flowers for you petal shape.

What are pom pom flowers called?

spray mums

How do you fluff paper flowers?

How to Fluff Tissue Paper Flowers

  1. Tie your ribbon. Using the mark on your tissue flower, tie the ribbon around the flower with a knot. …
  2. Fluff up the tissue layers individually. Starting on one side of the tissue flower, fan out the folded flower. …
  3. Adjust as needed.

How do you make cheerleading pom poms with tissue paper?


  1. Begin by placing four sheets of tissue paper on top of each other.
  2. Fold them in half, and cut 1-inch-wide strips through all layers, stopping just short of fold so that strips will hold together (left top).
  3. Next, starting at one corner, roll folded edge tightly around one end of a short 1/4-inch-diameter dowel.
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How do you make homemade pom poms?


  1. Cut out the template size for the pom pom you wish to use, trace the shape onto cardboard and cut it out. …
  2. Wrap yarn around the side of the template that has a gap in the middle until you have a plump lump of it.
  3. While the yarn is wrapped around your pom pom maker tie it tightly in the middle.

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