How to make flowers with balloons?

Can you use regular balloons with bunch o balloons?

The New Way: Bunch O Balloons

With Bunch O Balloons Party Balloons, you can buy your balloons at Walmart, and then use the party pump (or your own air compressor/helium tank) to inflate them in seconds wherever you need them. Then just decorate as you see fit. Easy Peasy.

Can I make a balloon arch the night before?

If you want to do your helium-filled arch the night before the event, I highly recommend you treat your balloons with hi-float. If you are planning to do an air-filled arch, then it’s fine to create the arch the day before.

How do you make a balloon Daisy?

make it

  1. Inflate two white balloons with about six pumps on your balloon pump (or blow them up to approximately the same size). …
  2. Repeat with two more white balloons to make two pairs. …
  3. Push the center of the pair into the center of the triplet by sliding it between any two balloons in the triplet.

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