How to make ballon flowers?

How do you make a balloon Daisy?

make it

  1. Inflate two white balloons with about six pumps on your balloon pump (or blow them up to approximately the same size). …
  2. Repeat with two more white balloons to make two pairs. …
  3. Push the center of the pair into the center of the triplet by sliding it between any two balloons in the triplet.

How do you deadhead balloon flowers?

How to Deadhead Balloon Flowers

  1. Inspect the plants once a week during the flowering season. Look for wilting flowers and forming seed heads. …
  2. Grasp the stem under a spent or wilting blossom between your forefinger and thumb. …
  3. Trim off any dead or damaged leaves from the balloon flowers with a small pair of shears.

Should I cut back balloon flowers?

Although balloon flowers are usually cut back in spring so the old stems can protect the plant roots from winter frost, you can also prune them back in late fall after the foliage dies back if you live in a mild climate.

How do you keep balloon flowers blooming?

You can keep your plants bursting with blooms all season by using this technique of balloon flower pruning along with some deadleafing (removal of spent leaves). This keeps more flowers coming if you remove the fading bloom before it goes to seed, along with the top leaves.

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