How to hang paper flowers?

How do you hang paper flowers from the ceiling?

Glue or tape string to the backside of the flower.

Cut a length of string about 1–2 feet (0.30–0.61 m) long, depending on how low you want the flower to hang from the ceiling. Use hot glue or painter’s tape to secure the string to the top of the flower’s back. If you use glue, let it dry before hanging your flower up.

What kind of paper do you use for paper flowers?


How do you hang flowers to dry?

Find a dark, dry area with good circulation, such as an attic or unused closet. With unflavored dental floss, secure the bottom of the flowers’ stems to a hanger so that they hang upside down to dry. Leave flowers for two to three weeks until completely dry.

How do you stick paper rosettes to the wall?

To attach them to the wall I mounted them with Command picture hanging strips cut into squares. However, you could also use pushpins, packaging tape (depending on weight of paper you used), or glue them to a piece of poster or cardboard first before attaching to wall.

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