How to decorate a birdcage with flowers?

What do you put in a birdcage for decoration?

Put some moss, flower petals and candles into a bird cage and it’d become an awesome hanging or standing centerpieces. Yes, it can be a mobile candle holder. As a part of your Holiday decor stuff some Christmas lights into a cage and light them up! Yes, you can make a vintage towel holder from a bird cage.

How do you decorate a birdcage for a wedding?

You can decorate a birdcage with crystals and pearl strands, add butterflies and birds on top or attach table numbers, for example, paper or chalkboard ones. If it’s a vintage or steampunk wedding, you may add a pocket watch inside, and of course birdcages will be amazing candle holders.

How do you hang a decorative bird cage from the ceiling?

If you don’t have much room, consider hanging your bird cage from the ceiling by screwing a hook into the ceiling joist. Place it a good distance away from the nearest light fixture; too much in one space can look overbearing.

What can I do with an old bird cage?

Repurposed bird cages can be used as home accessories. You can hang it on the wall or on the ceiling and decorate them with flowers or bird toys. Bird cages can be very interesting lampshades. They can be used as eclosure for a chandelier or candles holder.

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