How to crochet tiny flowers?

How do you crochet a forget me not flower?

How To Crochet A Dementia Friends Forget-Me-Not – YouTube

  1. slip stitch into 1st st to make a ring. [00:15]
  2. make 10 single crochet in ring. [00:19]
  3. using blue yarn slip stitch to 1st stitch. [00:32]
  4. 4 double crochet in same stitch. [00:43]
  5. in next stitch single crochet. [00:59]
  6. in next stitch chain 3, then 4 double crochet. [01:06]
  7. repeat until you have made 5 petals. [01:19]
  8. secure and weave in ends. [01:37]

19 мая 2015 г.

What is the easiest thing to crochet for beginners?

10 Simple Crochet Patterns Perfect for Beginners

  • Easy Crochet Necklace. You can make a gorgeous necklace using just one stitch! …
  • Crochet Coasters. …
  • Simple Dishcloth. …
  • Granny Square Blanket. …
  • Basic Beanie. …
  • Slouchy Beret. …
  • Super Speedy Cowl. …
  • Beginner-Friendly Shawl.

What is the dementia flower?

The flower is a forget-me-not, a small blue flower that represents remembrance and is long-associated with dementia. People with dementia may experience memory loss, among other symptoms. This makes the forget-me-not the perfect flower to represent our cause.

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