How to make sugar flowers?

How do you make sugared flowers for cake decorating?

Place the sugar in a shallow bowl. Using tweezers, gently transfer the coated flower on top of the sugar. With a spoon, sprinkle a fine layer of sugar over the top of the flower, and very gently press down to ensure the sugar will stick to both sides.3 мая 2019 г.

How long do sugar flowers last?

Sugar flowers will keep for a verrry long time if you store them properly, so don’t be afraid to make yours weeks in advance. The basic rule: Keep ’em cool and dry. Too much moisture is the main reason flowers wilt.

What flowers can you crystallize?

Primroses, violets, violas, apple blossom, rose petals and borage all respond well to the crystallising process. However, in all cases, success depends on both the flowers and the sugar being perfectly dry.

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