How to make frosting flowers easy?

How do you make hard icing flowers?

To make the royal icing:

  1. 4 cups powdered sugar.
  2. 3 Tablespoons meringue powder.
  3. 6-9 Tablespoons room temperature water.
  4. Wilton gel coloring (yellow for center of flowers + any other colors you want)
  5. A stand mixer with whisk attachment.
  6. Bowls.
  7. Toothpicks.

What can I use instead of icing bag?

Plastic sandwich bags are a popular substitute for pastry bags. They are useful because they are disposable, most homes have them and they are easy to handle. You can use zip-top bags, slider-tip bags or simple sandwich bags that have a fold-over top. Simply put the frosting in the bag and push it to one corner.

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