How to draw a butterfly on a flower?

How do you draw a butterfly on a flower easy?

How to Draw a Butterfly on a Flower, Butterfly and Flower

  1. Start your first step by making a small circle for the head of the butterfly, then draw out the long wormy looking body. …
  2. Next, draw in the antenna, then draw the eyes, as well as the legs and spots on the body. …
  3. Since the butterfly is being drawn from the side all you have to do is draw out the butterfly wing design.

How do you draw a butterfly realistically?

1. How to Draw the Body of a Butterfly

  1. Sketch a vertical oval for the torso.
  2. Cross the torso in half with a vertical line. …
  3. Draw a longer oval below; this will be the abdomen.
  4. Connect the abdomen to the torso with a slim waist.
  5. Draw a circle on top of the body—this will be the head.

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How do you draw a beautiful rose?

  1. Start by drawing a teardrop/egg shape with a hard pencil. …
  2. Draw the “opening” of this shape.
  3. Draw little petals inside.
  4. Close those petals into a heart shape—this will be the outline of other petals.
  5. Connect the outline with the rest of the bud, creating a petal shape.
  6. One more heart…

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