How to make shabby chic fabric flowers?

How do you make no sew burlap flowers?


  1. Fold over 1/2 an inch of one end of the burlap and glue.
  2. On the end that’s not glued, gently pull out the middle stand and scrunch down the burlap.
  3. When you’ve made a cute flower, glue the ends together so it doesn’t unravel.

What can you do with lace scraps?

16 Completely Charming DIY Projects That Use Lace

  1. Keep your books standing tall with these lacy book ends. …
  2. Give a plain colored dress a complete makeover by adding some lace trimming. …
  3. Lace up some votives to create this chic gothic look. …
  4. Use lace as a stencil to create stylish coasters. …
  5. Make these dainty lace bowls to hold all your favorite things.

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