How to make beaded flowers instructions?

How do you make wire beaded flowers?

Wrapping the flower petals

Slide an oval shaped bead onto the wire and stop at the middle point. Taking one side of the wire, wrap tightly around the bead until it meets the other end. Then twist the wire together only 2 or 3 times as shown in picture 2. Bend one end of the wire outwards and slide another bead onto it.

How do you make beaded flower vase?


  1. ► Step 1- Insert LH to next bead. On RH add 4 beads and cross the last bead with LH.
  2. ► Step 2- Insert LH to next 2 beads. On RH add 3 beads and cross the last bead with LH. …
  3. ► Step 3-Insert LH to next 3 beads. On RH add 2 beads and cross the last bead with LH.

How do you bead a daisy chain?

Pick up two beads in the color of the petals for the next daisy on the chain. Attach them by stitching through the bead underneath where your thread is exiting and the bead your thread is exiting. This forms a ladder stitch. Complete the stitch by going back through the two new petal beads (yellow).14 мая 2020 г.

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