How to make a casket spray with silk flowers?

How many flowers are in a casket spray?

Place 50 to 60 cut flowers next to the sink. Hold the cut ends of one or two flowers underneath running tap water.

How tall should a casket spray be?

A selection of our oasis based double ended sprays average sizes are aprox 24″ in length x12 to 14″ in width and 9″ in height. Although the overall shape has the appearance of our casket sprays they are lower and not as wide .

Why is it called a casket spray?

Whereas the smaller half-couch sprays are typically used for half-open casket services. TThey derive their names from the old-fashioned word for casket, which was “couch.” Honor the departed with a majestic casket spray and bring grace and beauty to the funeral or memorial service.

What are two types of casket sprays?

There are two types of floral casket sprays, the full-couch spray and the half-couch spray. The type of funeral service will determine which is the best spray to choose. If planning a closed casket ceremony, full-couch funeral casket sprays will cover the majority of the casket and are the best choice.

What can I put on a coffin instead of flowers?

Photos are one of the most popular items to place inside a coffin. With the exception of green burials, these can be buried and, in many cases, cremated with the person. Other popular examples of what to put in a casket include flowers, letters, books and, when a baby or child has died, a teddy or other soft toys.

How long is a casket?

84 inches long

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What is a spray for a funeral?

Standing sprays are funeral flowers designed and displayed on easels. … Standing sprays are funeral flowers and should never be sent to home or office; they are strictly for formal services such as funerals, memorials, and graveside services. Read on to learn more about standing sprays and who sends them.

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