How to do flowers on nails?

How do you make dotting tool flowers on nails?

The Design

“Using your dotting tool, pick up your white polish and start your petal from the outside, painting towards the center of your flower. Repeat this step in a circle for every petal — usually six is enough — then wipe off your dotting tool, pick up your yellow polish, and dot it right in the middle.”12 мая 2020 г.

What can I use instead of a flower nail?

We can use champagne glass as a flower icing nail substitute to decorate cakes, cupcakes or other sweets. The champagne glass works great as a substitute but you can use other glasses what you have available home.

How do you paint flowers on your toe nails?

How to Paint Flowers on Toes

  1. First paint your toes. I always do a base coat and then two coats of color. …
  2. Grab a stylus tool. …
  3. Next pour out a tiny dab of nail polish onto a plastic cup or something like that. …
  4. Next take a tooth pick and drag it from the middle of one of the circles towards the center of your flower.

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